Benefits of lessons with Jennifer….

•Teacher with over 20 years of experience educating musicians.   •Lessons in your home, The Musical Offering or American Music World in Niles.    •ALL ages and levels welcome!    •Choose  30, 45 or 60 minute lessons.   •Recitals in a beautiful performance space on a grand piano.    •Flexible payment options and competitive pricing.  •Annual progress reports.  •Your choice of process oriented or curriculum based lessons. (Royal Conservatory)


Gail, mother of students  “Jennifer is a wonderful piano teacher!  She is warm and supportive and always has a smile on her face.  She is clear in her communication and my children always know what to practice for the next lesson.  My children are progressing beautifully under her direction.  Jennifer’s enthusiasm for piano and music is apparent and my children cannot wait to go to their lessons each week!”

Alex, mother of student   “Jennifer is a wonderful piano instructor for my 12 year old. She obviously has a great understanding and love for music and this shines through when she teaches. She is always patient and understanding with our sometimes moody pre-teen and works with our schedules. I would highly recommend her to any parent!”

Mihaela, mother of student “My son loves to play soccer. He had a bad season last spring and he got to the conclusion that “because of Jennifer at least he has his piano” or something like that :).”

Jennifer, mother of student   “Our 6-year-old son just started piano lessons for the first time, this summer with Jennifer McCabe. After a few lessons, we asked him if he likes piano, and he responded, “I LOVE it!” It has now been about two months and he likes it more and more every week. Jennifer McCabe is a caring, kind, and patient instructor, and she chooses books, pieces, and exercises that are at a perfect level and that he really enjoys practicing and playing. We recommend her highly.”

Student  “Ms. Jennifer is very determined and persistent in helping me learn my pieces.  She works with me in finding pieces that I like and is very easy going”

Elaine and Matt, parents of student  “Jennifer has worked with our kids for more than 3 years and has been very supportive of their piano development by allowing them to explore a variety of musical genres and works with them until they are comfortable with the music.  The boys love playing the piano, and trying new pieces – they get that from their experience with Jennifer.”

Regina, mother of student  “My son (8 yrs old) has been with Jennifer for over 2 years now and has enjoyed learning how to play the piano. Jennifer creates individualized teaching to make learning fun and interesting. We look forward to many more years of working with her!”

Shruti, student   “Dear Jennifer, In the ways music connects and harmonizes, so words cannot, though nevertheless I will try to thank you insofar words allow! Thank you for transparently listening, for opening yourself to the reality of my situation and crafting–and as it often happened,  marvelously improvising!–dynamic lesson plans in sync with what best assisted me, regardless of the methods and styles you might have preferred. How rare it is to learn from someone with extraordinary talent: to see that ability unfold in our lessons without intimidating, overwhelming, or interjecting. Somehow your insight was spot-on every time you motivated me as a person, a student, and most germanely, a piano player. Your simple yet uncanny metaphors explained the theory underlying technique without betraying the subtleties of technique. Each time I sat next to you to play, I was amazed (and perplexed, if you believe it) at how much not only I learned, but also how much you took in and responded to in a matter of moments.         We adults often have a million tasks we insist we must address before we pursue those interests that truly make us come alive; however, through your undying patience, keen intuition, and gentle encouragement, you proved that without such joy in our lives, nothing else is worth pursuing.  What an ineffable joy it has been to learn from a musician with your remarkable flexibility, attuned guidance, and open listening. Thank you for supporting me, for stretching me musically, and for simply
allowing me to be. I am forever grateful. With warmest wishes”

Daniel,  student   “Jennifer’s life experience really show[s] in her teaching. In just 2 short lessons, she has drastically impacted my approach to practice and even my overall view of music and its place in my life. Thanks, Jennifer!”

Rachel, student   “In a matter of weeks, Jennifer McCabe  has turned a musically ignorant 33 year-old with a dream of playing piano, into something resembling a music-reading pianist. I can walk up to a piano and play some Beethoven or The Beatles thanks to Jennifer’s effective teaching style and patient tutoring. To say I could actually read and play a simple piece of music after my very first class is not an exaggeration. I am impressed with my own progress and that is thanks to Jennifer.”